Association Of Patent Attorneys Of Latvia (LPPA)

implements functions of professional organization of Latvian professional patent attorneys in accordance with Section 120, Paragraph one of the Law on Industrial Property Institutions and Procedures.

LPPA unites natural persons - patent attorneys on professional basis to care of the prestige of their profession, promote professional qualification improvement, professional growth, acquisition of experience, observance of professional standards and ethical norms, public education in the field of industrial property protection and fulfill tasks specified in laws and regulations.

Basic functions of the LPPA:
- delegate representatives to the qualification examination committee for professional patent attorneys;
- develop rules on professional ethics binding on professional patent attorneys and evaluate their observance;
- examine disciplinary cases of professional patent attorneys;
- organize professional educational events for professional patent attorneys;
- represent interests of professional patent attorneys in relations with state and local government institutions, other institutions and officials;
- express viewpoints of professional patent attorneys and provide advice on issues of industrial property regulatory enactments and practice of professional patent attorneys;
- supervise matters led by deceased patent attorneys according to the relevant procedures laid down in statutes;
- participate in process of drafting regulatory enactments and put forward legislative initiatives in the field of industrial property rights;
- organize seminars and other events;
- cooperate with international and national patent attorneys' organizations around the world.